Do you know what music is piping down the line when your customer is on hold? Is the music suitable to enhance and respect the product or service that you provide?

Keep in mind the plus size clothing company who felt safe playing a medley of Queen songs, only to have their clientele get an earful of ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’ as they waited.

Or customers hearing ‘I think it’s gonna be a long, long time’ as they waited listening to Elton John’s classic song ‘Rocket Man’.

Absolutely hilarious, but actual things that have happened to real companies like yours. I’ll wait here while you go and check what’s on your music rotation….

The number one best way to prevent this type of unfortunate situation is to enlist the services of a professional messaging and on hold music service. Not only have the songs been vetted for suitability, every song used will be at the right tempo and style to match your business.

It’s not enough to simply play a local radio station or top 40 hits. Customers are forming an opinion about your company in those precious minutes before they speak to a representative, your choice in hold music and the lyrics they contain can make a lot of difference to the upcoming conversation.

You’ll also need to be aware of other hold music pitfalls like outdated messages. That Christmas message better be off rotation 26th December, and don’t let customers hear promotions or deals that have expired.
Distorted sound is another no-no, most audio files are not calibrated to suit phone speaker limits, be sure your music is coming out the other end cleanly and clearly.
Have a big pool of songs on rotation, and regularly switch them up. Even the nicest song can get grating to repeat callers if they hear it over and over again.

Hold music can be a valuable tool for businesses, but if you get it wrong it can be damaging. Cut out the uncertainty and mistakes by consulting hold experts and your customers will thank you for it.