What makes a great actor? Or singer, or voice talent? Why do they stand out in a sea of other wannabes? They could be given the same script or lyrics but somehow their delivery makes it unique amazing, something that resonates with the listener. For those who are in the market for new messaging hiring the right voice talent can make all the difference between an engaged caller or an ambivalent one.

To begin choose the voice with your client in mind.  An insurance firm will most likely be suited to a mature male voice which conveys authority and experience while a toy company may be best served with a youthful bubbly female voice.

Many businesses fail to realise the importance of matching tone to clients but must understand that branding is essential in all corners big or small in a business. Establishing whether your business is serious / business-like or youthful / upbeat from the get go in your messaging reinforces your customers image of you.

Another aspect to consider when choosing your voice talent is your competitors; make sure you set yourself apart by using a completely different voice to them. In no way do you want your customers to be confusing your brand with another business, be sure this is true for all of your marketing.

It’s so important to make sure your messaging voice is the right fit for your company. If you are unsure of how to find a great voice talent or are unsure of how to implement them, then give the good folks at OHVO a call. With years of expertise in matching talent with businesses, this professional production team will give your messaging branding the individual, memorable fit you are looking for.