You have no doubt spent a lot of time and money carefully crafting a brand or image for your company. After much consideration of your target market your advertising and promotions have taken a fine-tuned form and things are running smoothly. Now it’s time to turn your attention to some of the other areas of your business, to other under the radar places you could reinforce your brand.

A key place to target your branding to is your hold messaging system. Most businesses report that the majority of customer interactions are still via phone and most customers will spend time on hold, so it’s a prime spot ripe for marketing. You don’t want to let your brand down with a substandard messaging system, see the following 3 tips to make the most of your customers hold time.

  • Call in the professionals; this is not the time to get sloppy. As tempting as it sounds to simply record your own simple message or get Linda from accounts to step up, you will not get the same results as a professional voice actor.
  • Pick the best system for your business. Do you need a flexible system to rotate many different messages or a simple one? Multi language or voicemail options? There are many different types, so it’s best to consult audio professionals to determine the best system for your business.
  • Craft your messages. An experienced audio scripting team can work with you to write a variety of messages specifically to suit you and your customers. This is tougher than it sounds, a grating or otherwise off brand message could be enough to get your customer to hang up the phone, be sure to utilise the skills of a professional to avoid that horrifying possibility.

Sorting out your hold messaging can be a complicated task, but with the help of an audio scripting company your customers will soon be enjoying slick professional hold messages that fit perfectly with your brand.