Why do most people sound so different on the phone? Someone who is naturally bubbly and confident will often sound flat and uninspired when heard in a receiver, but why?

Most of the time we do it without thought, years of social conditioning trying to sound professional has caused us to automatically speak in a monotone, corporate voice, anxious to sound neutral in order to avoid alienating the caller.
It’s funny that this is what we have achieved, when in reality callers will respond to a touch of personality. People don’t want to speak to a robot, they want to develop a bond with you, and if you can achieve it, this will lead to a relaxed and happy customer.

So before you answer the next call consider the following first:

– Visualize that the person on the end of the phone is your friend, you’ll instantly loosen up bringing a conversational vibe to the call.
– Switch up your answers, we all fall back on the classic ‘good, and you?’ reply when asked how we are. Get their attention by saying something else, be positive but individual.
– If people respond well to your sense of humour face to face, it’s ok to use it over the phone, just use your best judgement on whether the joke is suitable to your brand first.
– People who have a genuine excitement about the business they are in will always win out over those who are just in it for the pay check, and it shows in their voice when they talk about it. Allow your enthusiasm to shine through.

When making the change to a more personalised tone, don’t neglect to take a look at your recorded messages, this is another area that sometimes lacks energy and should match the experience of a live call.

Changing your phone tone is a downright simple way to put the life back into your conversations, give it a try and see just how far it will take you. If it’s an area that you struggle with, let On Hold Voice Overs use their expertise and help you craft a new phone identity.