Quick! You’ve got 5 seconds to think of the most prolific pop culture celebrity you can……
How did you go? Is it Kim Kardashian? It should be!

That’s right, we’re going to talk about Kardashian and how you can use the same simple marketing tool that has made her a celebrity powerhouse in your own business.

I’m sorry…

Love her or hate her, it is an undeniable truth that Kardashian is a master marketer, not a single aspect of her image isn’t carefully curated to wow or orchestrated to adhere to her brand. She does this through a selected series of appearances and images released to the public. You will probably be aware of her most famous image, back to the camera, unclothed, standing in what looks like a black plastic bag. Never before had an image been as widely shared, tweeted and discussed. A thousand parodies and imitations made. I myself had the surreal experience of discussing the image with my elderly traditional grandmother, so far was the reach of the photo.

But how does that relate to your business?

For your website – make sure that the product images you use pop, you need your potential customer to stop scrolling and take a good long look at what you are offering.

For social media – go easy on posts that are full of text, you are 90% more likely to engage your followers with a well-chosen image, as the human brain picks up images better than text. Make sure all blog posts and articles are accompanied by an image.

Utilize Instagram and Pinterest – Every company can find relevant and engaging images content, no matter what industry you are in, get creative!

Whatever the use of an image, make sure to avoid boring stock photos and bad quality photos. If an image doesn’t make you stop and stare, shelve it and find something better. Stop the scroll and get your viewers attention – just like Kim Kardashian.