Facebook has long been the go to for social media marketing, but there are other channels you should also be including in your social media plan today if your business’ target demographic is anywhere between ages 13 – 30.

But what are some sites that are popular and how do you use them?

–        Tumblr. This is a quirky content sharing site which is fantastic to show your product on. The main focus on this site is to share the pictures and posts you love from other users, so if you can get your followers to share yours, it can snowball to reach a huge amount of people quickly. This site is an excellent way to grow your brands unique personality, make sure you regularly share other peoples interesting content to be part of the community.

–        Vine. Vine is a mobile app that allows you to make short 6 second videos to share with your followers. You could do quick product demonstrations, interesting facts related to your business or industry, make holiday related videos or even get your followers to make videos and tag you in it. The key with vine is to be creative and outgoing, use humour as much as possible.

–        Instagram. A simple photo sharing app that lets others comment. This is very easy to use and a highly effective way to promote your product and services through images.

The key with all of these is to not post sales related content 100% off the time. Instead post frequently about things happening in your town, topical news, funny stories or pictures that are appropriate to your brand.

When it comes to our younger customers, we have to keep on our toes and be prepared to follow them into the ever-changing social media world. If we can grow with them, they are likely to become loyal customers and reward us.