With the invention of the telephone, communication became incredibly easier for people across the world. Besides, even with the existence of highly sophisticated internet, telephones still retain its reputation as a reliable communication mode. That is why all the businesses across the globe, despite the scale or the industry, maintain telephone lines providing solid communication path for customers.

Regardless of all the plus facts pertaining to telephones, vast majority, if not all, people are reluctant to be on hold for long periods, considering it as a waste of time. Avoiding potential frustration for callers, companies tend to play on-hold music or messages. Apart from eliminating silence, this is a great opportunity for companies to convert an annoying situation into a branding tool and make the best use of it.

In fact, if a business receives inquiries over the phone; that is a clear indication of the success of their marketing campaign. Companies generally invest large amounts of money to build brand name and promote products they offer. It is simply a huge waste of money for a business to lose a potential customer (who came that far to make an inquiry over the phone) just because of the silence or tiring music loops during the on-hold situation. It is a wise entrepreneur’s move to identify this on-hold situation as a potential branding tool and make the best use of it.

People call your business because they are already curious about your products or the services. As a business owner, you have two options; either to make the communication process very rapid and never let your customers to be on hold at all (which is impractical) or make the best use of the on-hold time. This short period can be utilized to promote other products, services or special offers that your customers may not aware of. In fact, such move will be a great assistance for the marketing process.

Mentioned below are some steps you can take to convert on-hold messages into branding.


Select the equipment wisely

In the market, there are various products to broadcast on-hold messages. Do some research and see what sort of equipment matches your existing telephone system. See if they feature easy-to-update characteristics. More importantly, check for the quality of the sound they broadcast over the phone.

TIP: Its common these days for companies to have a VOIP Cloud Based phone solutions, which support the easy uploading of professionally produced On Hold Messages and simple customization.


Select the message

What do you wish to play on-hold; an oldschool elevator style music loop or a professional voice / on hold music promoting your products? If you go for the second option (which is the best by far), find a professional on hold messaging company with professional voice talents (such as Ohvo.co.nz). Remember, via these messages, you directly speak to a high-potential customer. Treat the customer professionally and lively with the message you play.


Use a short script

Use a short, clear and concise script that conveys an easy-to-understand message for the customers. Avoid too many sound effects and quirky voiceovers. Be professional, but maintain a friendly approach throughout the message. Speak to your customer as if they are in front of you.